The Timeless 3 Pack: The Espresso Martini, Tonka’tini & The Hustler

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The Espresso Martini

A classic made with Black Cow milk vodka and fresh coffee. The Italian coffee liqueur is not to sweet so all he coffee flavours shine through. Get this one cold and serve straight up in a coupe and garnish with grated chocolate on top.

The Tonka’tini

Fabulous Tarquins Tonquin gin with flavours of clementine and chocolate and vanilla marry perfectly with dark chocolate liqueur and Madeira’s honey and raisin notes. This one we get cold and serve straight up in a flute or coupe.

The Huslter

Gin and apricot blends with almond and citrus and we added some absinthe to finish the drink off with bang! Best served ice cold and in a coupe